Burn fat while asleep with HGH

Human Growth Hormones ( HGH )

Human Growth Hormone is an essential part in human growth and physical reparation as well as fat burning and muscle building. HGH also assists in firming up the body and weight loss as well as brightening up the skins and reducing blemishes. The human body secrets the hormone naturally while we are in deep sleep.

The cooperation of the 8 L-amino

8 L-Amino helps stimulate the secretion of HGH which, in terns, promotes muscle building and fat burning resulting in a firmer body and also weight loss. HGH is also extremely important in the body’s physical reparation resulting in brighter and mother skins, youthful appearance and stronger immune system.

The 8 L-Amino are:

  1. L - arginine
  2. L - ornithine 
  3. L - lysine 
  4. L - glycine 
  5. L - glutamine 
  6. L - Carnitine 
  7. L - methionine 
  8. L - tyrosine

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