Carbohydrates: the principle reason for weight gain

It goes without saying that the real reason for weight gain is the lack of self-restraint. Of course, the fact that carb-packed food such as rice, milk, bread, potatoes, pizzas, noodles, and more usually taste great is not helping. While carb-filled food gives lots of energy, what is not used gets turned into excess fat and stored away around your waist line and other places. The body turns carbohydrates into sugar with the Amylase enzymes breaking them down. The body then uses the sugar for energy. However, excess carbohydrates get turned into fat by the liver. Most people believe that staying away from fatty food will help solve the weight gain problem. Nevertheless, in most cases, the real reason is not fatty food but rather these carb-packed delicacies.  

Research shows that white bean extract has Phaseolamin in abundant, a proteinaceous inhibitor of the enzyme alpha-amylase which can prevent the amylase enzyme from turning carbohydrates into sugar. This means not only there will be no excess fat created, but also, once the body notices the shortage of energy, it will start using the existing excess fat as energy, resulting in weight loss without having to skip meals. Proper digestion and excretion are also among the side benefits. 

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