Deal with acne problems

Acne is usually a problem for teenagers as the change in sexual hormones is high in this age range which means higher rate of fat produced from fat glands resulting in high risk of acnes. Medical research shows that, in general, teenage males are more likely to have acnes, while females face the same problem during period. 

Reduce the cause of acne

  1. Soy germ contains Isoflavone, an important substance with similar attribute to the estrogen hormone which helps decrease the risk of acnes caused by the change in hormone and also helps retain moisture in the skins for brighter and healthier skins.
  2. Zinc helps balance the hormone level and decrease acnes as it is an important part in the production sexual hormone. 

Get rid of pimples quickly

  1. Zinc helps promote new tissue generation which speeds up the reparation process of the skins and helps get rid of acnes.
  2. L-lysine is an amino acid necessary for skin cell generation which helps dry up acnes as well as repair the skins.
  3. Green tea extract, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E all act as an antioxidant as well as help promote new tissue generation and dry up acnes.

Reduce post inflammatory pigmentation

Acnes usually leave post inflammatory pigmentation on the skin as damaged tissues undergo oxidation from sunlight, artificial light, or cosmetics.

Grape seed extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta carotene are antioxidants which help promote blood circulation around the skin reducing blemishes caused by post inflammatory pigmentation.

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