31 August 2016

Varicose veins starting to appear around the back of the knees even without standing a lot.

Varicose veins are caused by irregular blood flow in the area. While standing, sitting, or walking continuously for a long period of time can cause varicose veins, there are also other causes such as weight gain, aging, and genetics. To counter the problem, it is recommended to change position every 30-45 minutes as well as exercise regularly. Wearing hoses can also help. Diets with nutrients that promote blood flow are also recommended. Among them are fruits and vegetables with dark purple color which indicate the containment of anthocyanidin which promotes blood flow and increases blood vessels’ elasticity. Anthocyanidin, which can be found in grape seed extract, is considered and widely used as a nutrient that can help with varicose veins and help delay aging as well as promote skin health and overall health.
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