31 August 2016

How to get rid of the strange noise from the ankles when walking?

The noise can be caused by a number of things such as muscle or tendon inflammation, mostly found in those whose exercise routine puts a lot of stress on the joints and women who usually wear heels. The condition can also occur to those with ankle injuries. However, if there is also pain and swelling, the cause could be something worse such as gout or other arthritis. Excess use of the joints and activities that put a lot of pressure on the joints can also be a cause. The solve the problem, it is recommended to control the weight, exercise regularly, avoid sitting in a knee-bent position for a long time, and eat food with nutrients that help strengthen the joints. Calcium rich food such as milk, sesame seeds, dried shrimps, and whole small fish is recommended. Food with high quality collagen such as fish skin or cartilage and food with high silicon such as cucumber, cabbage, and other grains are also ideal.
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