31 August 2016

I have to work in front of the computer for 10 hours a day regularly. Am I at risk of blindness?

Excess usage of computer or smartphone puts a lot of stress on the eyes causing strain, pain, and headache as such activities reduce the rate of blinking. Doing so can also be the cause of Macular degeneration which is incurable. While not using such devices may not be possible, it is highly recommended to rest every 30-45 minutes by looking far away without focusing on anything, looking at greeneries, or shut the eyes for a little while. Blinking at least 20 times per minute and the use of artificial eye drop are also recommended. Diets can also help especially those with high antioxidants such as food with high vitamin A and fruits in the berry group which are highly effective in increasing blood flow around the eyes. Deep sea fish contains DHA which is also a necessary nutrient for the eyes.
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