Super Antioxidant from grape seed extract

Bright, smooth as silk and wrinkleless skin is without a doubt what we all yearn for. However, with the natural aging process plus the unforgiving UV, environmental hazards, stress, insufficient sleep and necessary nutrients, things are seemingly not working in our favor and unwanted wrinkles and blemishes are more or less inevitable. Nevertheless, if we can manage to avoid those external factors and take a good care of ourselves by having proper nutritious meals with lots of antioxidant to help slow down the aging, things might not look so gloomy.

Grape seed extract contains what is known as Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC) which is a super antioxidant with extremely high ORAC Value, the level of which indicates the strength of the antioxidant, the higher the better. OPC contains as high ORAC Value as 12,500/1gm.

Wrinkleless, blemish free and youthful skins

The Collagenase enzyme causes the collagen destruction causing blemishes and wrinkles. Grape seed extract can slow down the process caused by the Collagenase enzyme resulting in smoother, brighter and blemish free skins.

Beautiful varicose vein free legs

Varicose veins are the sign of veins becoming enlarged and twisted due to blood clogging. Grape seed extract helps restore the elasticity of the veins and promotes circulation both of which help prevent the unsightly occurrence known as Varicose veins. 

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