DHA 70%: for greater child development

  • Did you know that DHA has much more benefits than just enhancing the brain?
  • All parents want their children to be smart and will do everything to boost the development. Among the many substances that can help with child development, DHA is well known to help with both I.Q. and E.Q.
  • ***DHA intake can help children to learn faster, concentrate better, and have better cognitive skills, better awareness and better social skills. Children with high DHA intake are more than likely to develop much better than those without.
  • Why DHA 70%?
  • Regular fish oil has Omega 3 acid with DHA and EPA ratio at 12% and 18%. However, recent development has resulted in fish oil extracted from tunas which yields as high as 70% of DHA and possesses high bioavailability which allows for greater absorbability and makes the substance last longer in the bloodstream. With that said DHA 70% is much better than those in regular fish oil and yields greater effect in brain and eyesight development as well as improves cognitive skills.

Other notable nutrients with brain development properties are: 

  1. L glutamic acid: necessary for neurotransmitter generation and essential for the central nervous system (CNS) and directly related to greater and faster learning and higher cognitive skills and better memory.
  2. Vitamin B, A, D, and E: A, D, and E help the body function properly while B improves the nervous system and the brain. 

*** Sufficient vitamin intake is crucial to child development, especially the brain, allowing children to learn at a greater pace.

DHA also helps with the development of the immune system, particularly the respiration system which is one of the most important and also frequently comes into direct contact with bacteria and viruses.

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