The cause of cellulite


Cellulite occurs when fat is collected in the skin layers or the blood circulation around the area decreases. An imbalance hormone level as well as lymphostasis can also have the same effect. Cellulites appear as lumps of fat as fat collected under skin in little lumps with sticky layer covering each lump. Cellulites can be found around the thighs, abdomen, upper arms, around the waist and hip area.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid necessary for the metabolism process for the body. Normally, the body can produce L-Carnitine by itself, 25% of which produced by the liver and kidney and 75% from food intake, especially meat.


Imported from Switzerland, Carnipure is an L-Carnitine globally recognized as the highest quality of L-Carnitine with a number of research and studies backing up the claim. 

How L-Carnitine works

  1. Takes fatty acid to be burned and turned into energy in mitochondria cells.
  2. Helps stores energy and promotes muscle generation as well as decreases fat collection for a firmer body.

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract (Oligopin)

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract helps decrease the generation of cellulites by promoting blood circulation and waste excretion. It also helps decrease oxidants and excess fat in the blood stream, both of which are the cause of cellulites.

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