Why do we need collagen?

Normally, the human body can self-produce collagen up until 20 years of age. After that, the process begins to decline resulting in the deterioration of the skin cells with wrinkles and blemishes shown. This is why supplementary collagen intake is important to help restore the collagen the skins need.

The human skin structure is composed of collagen and elastin and collagen is especially important to the skin cells. Collagen is also a part of other organs such as bones, tendons, joints, hair and nails. Not only that, collagen also acts as the linkage between the various tissues and gives strength and elasticity to the organs.

Hydrolyzed collagen from deep sea fish

Collagen is a large particle protein and the body can only absorb a small amount of it. However, the particle can be made smaller via a process called hydrolysis; thus, the body can absorb hydrolyzed collagen at a larger amount. Hydrolyzed collagen from deep sea fish not only has the smallest particle but also has similar molecular structure to that of our skin cells making it the most effective skin treat.

Benefits of Hydrolyzed collagen

  • Reduces blemishes
  • Fills damaged areas and heals scars
  • Revitalizes and tightens the pores
  • Beautifies the skins
  • Strengthens the skins, hair, and nails  

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